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T O M  G W Y T H E R 


This group is a recently formed jazz, world music, Latin, soul, fusion group, playing an eclectic mix of music from around the globe from a foundation of jazz improvisation. The group is made up of four talented artists: Tom Gwyther on piano/keyboards, saxophones and vocals, joined by Harry Skinner on Guitar, Rob Marshall on bass and Luke Selby on drums.

This band's live show will take you on a musical journey around the world, experiencing different musical cultures and . Musical influences range fro Persian and Arabic sources, then move to Spanish, Mediterranean and French styles. They move in classic twentieth century American jazz be-bop before moving to Latin America and drawing on Puerto Rican and Cuban styles. The show culminates by moving into New York's funk, soul and hip-hop culture. This group likes to showcase all the different ways Jazz has influenced and been influenced by musical cultures geographically and temporally.

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